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Massapequa Pressure Washing


There is certainly a debate to be had regarding whether you should soft wash or pressure wash certain surfaces of your property. And the difference is important. After all, your property is the most valuable asset that you have. That is true whether it’s commercial, public, or residential. Our pressure washing services in Massapequa are always catered to our clients’ needs based on the unique traits of their needs. It’s why our company is the #1 in the area.

We have found that oftentimes our clients make mistakes with pressure washing. They either try to do it themselves or hire a Massapequa pressure washing company that doesn’t understand the proper method to use. This can cause huge issues with your property. It can result in lost time, money, and even severe property damage. When you hire our power washing services you can be sure that we will only use the best method and equipment for the situation. Our professionals are well trained, use safety measures, and always treat your property like gold.  Here is what you need to know about soft washing and pressure washing:

Pressure Washing Massapequa

Pressure washing is an excellent choice for certain surfaces. However, not everything can withstand the amount of pressure, heat, or chemicals that are used with this method. Here are some surfaces that you can have power washed:


From fences, to decks, to railings, wood can handle pressure washing. However, keep in mind this means if it is untreated or not painted. Otherwise, you’re looking at redoing the finish.


This is the most common request for pressure washing. The high heat and pressure gets deep down into the pores and gets those dirt, oil, and other stains out.


Getting pressure washing services in Massapequa is popular for mud, dirt, and some types of rust. Due to how sturdy metal is, you often don’t risk stripping anything away.

Soft Power Washing Massapequa

Sometimes, harder methods aren’t the right move. Here are materials where a slower, more methodical approach is necessary:


Using a brush and softer water source, we can clean your vinyl. The trick is to get the debris off while maintaining the coating, which is something only an experienced Massapequa pressure washing company can do effectively.


If any power washing company claims they will use the same techniques on your roof as your driveway, then beware. This could result in damage. Brushes and chemical methods are often far superior and less harmful.

When searching for pressure washing services near me, you need to understand who you are hiring. Go with a company that has been proven to provide professional pressure washing services in Massapequa for properties of all kinds. Whether it is your home, office, school, or multi-family complex, we have you covered.

You can rest assured that we will take every aspect into account to make sure your property looks even more beautiful than before we found it, without damage or frustration on your part. So give us a call today and experience the difference!


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